Thomas Krane

by Thomas Krane

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released July 31, 2009


all rights reserved



Thomas Krane Johannesburg, South Africa

Oh hey, a bio.

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Track Name: The Conversation Lost its Spark
Tell it with your eyes
Your tongue is broken
Taken by surprise
By what was spoken

No! Dont! Blink!
In repeated motion
I! Can't! Think!

Utterly defined
By your inclusion
Totally inclined
To pick a new thing

How's! Your! Heart?
The conversation
Lost! Its! Spark!

We were in disguise
As Polyphemus
When they took our eye
Your tongue would lead us

No! I! Can't!
See a way out now.
Track Name: Build us a Tower
You and me
fell out the meaning tree
And landed with a crash in the undergrowth,
surprised that our hopes don't float

Will you build us a tower?
Build us a tower
From your own skin and bone?

Will you build us a tower?
Build us a tower
From your own skin and bone?

The support beams
are parting at the seams
How can we climb with all of our engineers
espousing their own ideas?

Are you living inside us?
Living inside us
With our hearts pinned to your sleeve?

Will nothing divide us?
When you're living inside us
With our hearts pinned to you?

I tried the whole day
to look the other way
Wasting all your time

Plain as it could be
A wall in front of me
An impassable line

If we cannot go around,
then we will just have to go over,
And if we're carried on your cloud
why should we waste another way out?

We couldn't see
the wood for that one tree
And ended up here stripped of our uniforms
nude as a newborn

Reason erased
a stamp collection
worthy of all your days
Man works in mysterious ways

You were willing to find us,
Seek us out,
And deny us.
With your arms crossed at the gate.
Track Name: Does that Make You Feel Weird?
If you would take the concrete stairs
At the government building
Then you would find a document
That says we're distantly related

Does that make you feel weird?
Track Name: Song from a Hospital no.1
hey, don't blame me
If I miss a beat and lose the melody
hey, can't you see
to fit the pieces together's a waste
cause you can't be certain
when your temple hair will start to fade away
no, you can't decide when your hair will go grey.

take me home,
there's too much waiting in the waiting room
and I need more attention
the cleaning lady smiled at me
when she took the bin
that I got sick in away

since you came out
all I hear's the pitter pat of tiny feet
and it's driving me to drinking
my disappearing act was curtained
when i left the street
I don't know what i was thinking
The cleaning
Track Name: Modern Medicine
7 seconds in you know
i'm gonna sin some way
Just gonna fold in
You know the distance widens
then those guys are gonna pay me

Cause they've been pumping me full of modern medicine
But they say: Take only if you want it
Pump in me
Then they're looking in my urine
But they're gonna have to wait
Cause their list of contraband is out of date.

I lost consciousness a while after you spoke to me
The dreams were okay but I didn't like the way they ended.
Track Name: A Siamese Love Song
a fragile likeness
the world ensnared in bubbles
droplets on a stone

this womb don't like us
i can't escape the feeling
something is amiss

what they noticed on the sonar
hard to comprehend
I was bulging from your waistline
sown into your hem

lead me toward the morning
I don't need to understand
I am wrapped inside you
you don't need to hold my hand
(is it yours or is it mine?
you can't tell when you're intertwined)

oh please don't lie to us
the world cant hold a love like this-
we share the same heart.
Track Name: You're on the Television
we shouldn't drive your car in that condition
we ought to take it by the towbar
that heavy metal was your own decision
your feet were saying that it's too far
well my feet were hurting too

i can't listen when you're on the television,
i can't even exhale.
outside might be greener,
but if I can't lead us in
then I can't lead us away.

pour olive oil on your tomato heart
your mood has got me salivating
if spotlight temperature baked your bit-part
Man, did I find it fascinating

I tried to look away, but
I get driven to this same position so much
(who put this in the script?)

you're on the TV.
you're on my phone.
I think I've seen enough.
Track Name: The First Noel
they say goodbye on christmas eve,
they sing 'amazing grace';
the mourners then begin to leave
the family to this place.

where all the world is growing green,
the sky is blankly blue,
and where her shadow should have been
the sun is shining through.
Track Name: Dollface
take all your talents
your talents come to one
dollface, you've been getting on

your body moved in all directions
mine stayed in its shell
a bucket in the well
all you'll ever draw out is a smell

if you ever tire of this
all the love you've chased around here
you'd be better off outside

hey miss disintegration
didn't I teach you nothing?
you know I liked to sit you down, love,
your ample body next to mine.
It won't matter what you try

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